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Roger's Story



Roger Limoges is a professional musician in the New England area. He has been playing music since the age of fourteen, a good seventeen years of his life. Roger has always been open to all styles of music and artists from Roy Orbison, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Between the Buried and Me to The Black Dahlia Murder. The list goes on and on. Roger plays a variety of different instruments. His passion runs deep with all styles of music, however the instrument he specializes with is the guitar. Music is the one thing in Roger’s life he constantly loves no matter what the circumstances are. Roger’s music is one thing that he truly does for himself and the love for music and the instrument itself is what makes him the virtuoso he is today. Throughout Roger’s life he has attended music school for many years, making sure he learned the proper way to play. Music came naturally to Roger, like he was meant to do this for a living. After being educated from a Berklee school of music master for several years, Roger wanted to branch out and teach music himself. Furthering his career, Roger was given a chance to teach at a music school where they then learned that he was an amazing music teacher/Musician. Roger was able to help guitarists of all different skill levels. He has also helped many drummers achieve their goals and abilities to be able to play in bands professionally. To this day they are all accomplished musicians. After obtaining solid roots in the new England music scene, it was now known Roger needed to get his own music out to the world. Rogers has played in many great bands over the past ten years. Some of the bands include Alice, TVE, Ruins/Volumes and Disco Dancing with Charles Manson. Roger has played with national tours, such as Warped Tour, all the way from smaller venues like The Living Room in Providence, RI. All these accomplishments gave Roger more insight into the music industry. Always wanting to progress forward Roger stayed passionate with getting himself to the next level. Moving forward again with his career he started making videos with a few known video editors creating cover videos of very popular bands to help build his fan base along with helping Roger’s networking. The videos that were created became very successful and helped expand his fan base. Roger has created commercials for custom guitar shops like Becker Guitars, to in house demos for his sponsors like Pro Tone Pedals, Ernie Ball/Music man, Soundbrenner and many others. Roger has also created a gear demo for Megadeth that is featured, to this day, on Megadeth’s social media pages. Recently, Roger shot a live guitar demo for Ernie Ball/Musicman at the 2017 Warped Tour featuring the new line of John Petrucci -Majesty Models. Everything continues to grow. Roger is now running his own recording studio, not only composing record mixes but mastering his own songs. Featured in the album, all instruments heard, were composed and recorded by Roger himself! Slowly but surely getting his name around the world, Roger was recently signed to Ernie Ball/Music man. Now pushing forward, to offer you nothing but the best quality, with A List Music studio in Canada to Mix/Master Roger’s “Beyond The Abyss” 2017 Album. Always pushing forward, many things to come and hopes to see you guys on the road!

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